Hot Bed Press is proud to be one of the partner organisations working with The University of Salford to offer scholarships to recent graduates. We have been involved in the scheme for over 7 years now and have given opportunities and support to 8 graduates.

Between September 2022 running to September 2023 Jacob Longcake has been our resident scholar. Jacob's work comes from an interest in material and his work in printmaking has a sculptural aesthetic. He is particularly interested in found metals and manipulating metal surfaces through angle-grinding, etching and corrosion, and then enjoying how to print these plates. We liked Jacob so much we gave him the job of Technician!

In September 2023 we are pleased to announce that we will have 2 scholars from the University of Salford at Hot Bed Press. Lucy Claire and Laura-Moxon-Groves will be with us for a year.

Lucy works with classical imagery, and challenges 'staged perception, stylised beauty and unattainable standards'. By subverting images to be etched onto common bricks or layered in cyanotypes onto tiles Lucy seeks to question the commodification of beauty.

Laura has created her own imaginary world, Midhellground with references to psychoanalysis, folk takes and Christian iconography. Through etching Laura builds scenes from the subconscious. We are drawn into her world of metaphorical and metaphysical story-telling.

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We welcome new members all year round. Anyone can join. You need a little bit of experience; but that can be from doing one of our weekend or evening courses, after which you can carry on and practice what you've learnt on the course. We've got a few types of membership to suit your purse or your time. Just g to our Membership section for more details.