20:20 print exchange

Hot Bed Press runs one of the largest print exchanges in the world, though we say it ourselves. Each year between 500 and 600 artists from print workshops, print collectives and university print departments exchange prints through The 20:20 Print Exchange. Each artist produces 25 prints. We collect, sort and randomly spread up to 15,000 prints to print workshops across the UK and around the world.

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The call out for this year's 20:20 Print Exchange has gone out to workshops and university print departments. We welcome groups of 10, 20 or 30 printmakers, (we also allow small groups of 5 for smaller workshops who we match up with another group of 5 to make the maths work).


The key date to note is 1st November. That's the date for all prints to be in from the workshops, after they have checked them all and filled in the forms for information that goes with the prints and on the website.

How do I take part?

The unique aspect of our exchange and what makes it so easy and able to grow and exchange so many prints, is that it is only through print workshops, university print departments and art collectives. So you have to be a member of a print workshop or print group, to join together and send in 10, 20 or 30 artists prints. This also helps support and promote each workshop. We don't take prints form individuals as it would just take to much time and cost too much postage to send out to 400-500 different printmakers around the world.

Interested in taking part in 20:20?

Here's just a few of the artists who create their amazing prints as members of Hot Bed Press.

Come And Join Us

We welcome new members all year round. Anyone can join. You need a little bit of experience; but that can be from doing one of our weekend or evening courses, after which you can carry on and practice what you've learnt on the course. We've got a few types of membership to suit your purse or your time. Just g to our Membership section for more details.