Hot Bed Press is one of the best-equipped print workshops in the UK. We are continually evolving and developing the workshop and the equipment and always looking to develop and get even better.


Kippax screenbeds

6 x large Kippax screenbeds (max screen size 1473mm x 1117mm)

Kippax medium screenbeds

2 x medium Kippax screenbeds (max screen size 1219mm x 863mm)

Natgraph exposure unit

Natgraph exposure unit (max screen size 91cm x 115cm outer frame measurements), and large drying cabinet

Screen Wash-out Room

K'archer pressure washer and washout unit


Over 300 screens between A4 and A1 (free to use for members for up to 1 month)


Over 30 squeegees for all sizes of screens

Relief printing.

Albion presses

We have 3 Albion relief presses, platen sizes up to 20" x 26".


Platen size 16" x 21"

Nipping Presses

5 nipping presses; great for book arts and gluing pages/bindings.

Relief Rollers

We've got lots of rollers; from 1" to 30", plus larger spindle rollers.

Relief cutting tools

We've also got a large range of relief cutting tools, (Japanese woodcut and Pfiel fine cutting tools).

Etching / intaglio

Rochat etching press

2 Rochat etching presses: Large press; bed size 66cm x 122cm (26" x 48") Small press; bed size 53cm x 107cm (21" x 42")

Polymetaal etching press

1 large Polymetaal etching press - bed size 28" x 55" (70cm x 140cm)

Rollaco etching press

1 large Rollaco etching press - bed size 30" x 40" [76cm x 102cm]

Hawthorne etching presses

3 small Hawthorne etching presses

Rollaco Boxer press

We have 2 Rollaco Boxer presses. One in the workshop and one in a private etching studio for hire.

Acid room

Our acid room has nitric, ferric and copper sulphate or etching plus we have a traditional resin aquatint room.


lead type

120 cases of lead type from 8pt to 72pt

wooden type

20 cases of wooden type

picture blocks

A range of lovely picture blocks: 3 cases full

proofing press

1 small proofing press (Art Equipment)

Adana presses

9 Adana presses

Gem flatbed press

1 Gem flatbed press



We have a large range of specialist printmaking papers. We sell these to members at prices that are as affordable as possible, ranging from just 30p to £4.00 a sheet.

Work spaces

Relief area

We've got lots of space to cut your block and print.

Etching area

Lots of space to ink and wipe.

Screen area

There are lightboxes to perfect your positives and stencils.

Come And Join Us

We welcome new members all year round. Anyone can join. You need a little bit of experience; but that can be from doing one of our weekend or evening courses, after which you can carry on and practice what you've learnt on the course. We've got a few types of membership to suit your purse or your time. Just g to our Membership section for more details.